I have now decided to simplify. Previously my site was using a custom CMS that I had written from scratch in my free time, unfortunately it was getting fairly clunky. I have therefore reverted to using (insert name of generic blogging platform here).

We are still at the beginning of this adventure/step-backwards, I am still looking at what content to move across and what to get rid of. For a start, I have removed most posts from before 2009, as while that form of my blog had a purpose, reading the boring nonsense I typed during university is not going to appeal to anyone.

In addition, when/if the gallery arrives, it will be in a cut down format for a similar reason to that given for the old blog posts.

I am also going to attempt to use redirect on previous urls, that will be coming soon though.

My plan is now to post more regularly, I have had that plan before, lets see how it goes…