Count Your Blessings 2015 – Week 2

We are a week into Lent and Christian Aid are running their Count your Blessings cause to give us something to think about, while also giving money for a good cause. Beth and I are both raising money again, however, I want to share the resources so that others can raise money alongside us.

The resources are available here:

Monday 23 February
It’s Fairtrade Fortnight! Fairly traded products offer better prices to the hard-working producers, and ensure decent working conditions and fair terms of trade.
Give 20p for each fairtrade product you can name.

Tuesday 24 February
In parts of Ethiopia, women don’t traditionally have the right to inherit any of their husband’s or parents’ assets.
Pray for our partners who challenge the structures that keep people poor.

Wednesday 25 February
Where our money goes shapes the world. Ask your pension fund whether your money is invested in risky fossil fuel projects or is funding a fairer future.
Visit to take action.

Thursday 26 February
Savings and loans groups provide communities with opportunities to borrow money. When they pay it back, others can then borrow money.
Give 50p for each bank account that you have access to.

Friday 27 February
Our UK state pension helps to maintain a decent standard of living when we retire. For many around the world, if they can’t work or grow their own food then no one will provide for them.
Give 40p for every year that you have paid in to a pension scheme.

Weekend 28 February – 01 March
Galgalo used to make all the financial decisions in his household. He says:
‘If I wanted to sell a cow, I would sell it. Then I would spend the money however I wanted, I might give my wife a bit to spend on the children, or I might not.’ Thanks to the work of HUNDEE, Galgalo sees the importance of involving his wife. Now they go to market together so there is no secrecy in how much money is made and spent.
Give 50p for each time you use a credit or debit card this weekend.