Count your blessings 2015 – Week 3

This week’s Count your Blessings focuses on Education.

Monday 02 March
Education opens up opportunities. Bokiya wants to be a doctor when she finished school.
Give 30p for the number of professions you wanted to be as a child. Give 50p more if it became true.

Tuesday 03 March
Elema’s father wouldn’t let her go to school now she’s in her 50s, she feels it is too late.
Give 30p for each qualification you’ve taken as an adult.

Wednesday 04 March
Every year, 14 million girls get married before the age of 18. At school, girls like Bokiya learn about their rights and the dangers of child marriage.
Pray that girls will be courageous and able to stand up for their rights.

Thursday 05 March
World Book Day
Today we celebrate being able to read. But 781 million adults around the world lack basic literacy skills.
Give 5p for the number of books on your bookshelf that you haven’t read.

Friday 06 March
More than one in four children in developing regions are likely to drop out of primary school for reasons beyond their control.
Give 50p for every educational institution you have attended.

Weekend 07 & 08 March
Through community education, HUNDEE helps parents to understand that girls should go to school as well as boys. Bokiya says: ‘I like education because I can be a self-helper, a strong woman who can help herself.’
Visit and use the weekly reflection to consider the gift of education.