Count your blessings – Week 4

Monday 9
If you take farming out of the equation, only 20% of paid jobs in northern Africa are held by women.
Pray for equality for women in northern Africa, and around the world.

Tuesday 10
In 2013, almost 300,000 women died globally from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.
Give 50p for each woman you know who has received specialist care during or after her pregnancy.

Wednesday 11
Through our partners, women like Elema have found support networks to turn
to in difficult times.
Give 40p for every woman who supports you in times of trouble.

Thursday 12
In many societies, women can’t leave home without a chaperone. Our partners support income-generating projects to do at home, such as cultivating silk worms in Afghanistan.
Give 30p for each place you go to on your own today.

Friday 13
Thanks to HUNDEE, Galgalo recognises that there shouldn’t be any supremacy between men and women. He shares the household tasks he previously considered ‘women’s work’.
Give 20p for each chore you think is a job for the opposite sex.

Weekend 14 & 15
Mothering Sunday
Elema followed tradition and was proud
when her daughter got married aged 12. Shortly afterwards, Elema watched her die
in labour. With the help of HUNDEE, Elema now campaigns against child marriage and protects girls like Bokiya who flee from it.
‘Not only will my daughters be over 18 when they marry, but I will protect other girls too,’ Elema says. Thanks to her, the community has prevented many child marriages.