Count your blessings – Week 5

Monday 16
Often we take our own voice for granted. Make sure yours gets heard by joining our network of local lobbyists who regularly contact their MPs to demand a fairer world for all.
Visit uk/locallobbyist

Wednesday 18
Saudi Arabia and Vatican City are the only two states in the world where women are denied the right to vote.
Thank God for all those who have fought for years in order to achieve universal suffrage.

Tuesday 17
Since women have been given a voice at community meetings, Elema has noticed changes that are improving the lives of women.
Give 30p for each group you are part of where your opinion counts.

Thursday 19
We have so many ways to share our thoughts with the world, but for many this freedom of speech is denied.
Give 50p for each method of sharing your opinion you use today.

Friday 20
In 36 countries, women now hold more than 30% of seats in national parliament in at least one chamber.
Give 50p for each female head of state you can name.

Weekend 21 & 22
It is custom in many societies for a woman not to speak in public meetings, but to tell a man what she wants to say and they may say it for her. HUNDEE has worked with Galgalo and his community to change this. Now women attend and speak at these meetings too. Galgalo says: ‘It is a useful thing to do; it helped us to see that women are valuable and they bring a lot.’
Thank God for all the women’s opinions that you are able to hear.