Count your blessings – Week 6

Monday 23
Emergencies often leave women alone and vulnerable, having lost men who were either at work or stayed behind to protect their property.
Pray for those trying to rebuild their lives.

Tuesday 24
Long periods of drought plague Zimbabwe. We’re helping communities to build dams to survive.
Give 30p for each way you use water today.

Wednesday 25
In the Philippines, natural disasters happen regularly. Communities are learning to recognise the warning signs so they have time to evacuate.
Give 60p for every smoke alarm you have.

Thursday 26
Emergencies destroy a community’s way of earning a living. We help people to develop sustainable ways to earn money.
Give 40p for each job you’ve had.

Friday 27
Climate change hits the poorest people hardest, yet they did the least to cause it. For the love of your global neighbours, join the movement for climate action.
Act now: christianaid.

Weekend 28 & 29
In Ethiopia, HUNDEE gives goats and cows to poor women so they can have milk for
their children and a way of earning money. Galgalo says this is how the community used to help each other, but poverty forced them to stop. Our partners work hard to get to know communities and meet their needs. This also helps them to know their way around and reach communities quickly in emergency situations.
Give £1 if you know the route to hospital. Would you know an alternative way if that route was blocked?