Count your blessings – Week 7

Monday 30
Concentration of CO2 has increased by 40% since pre- industrial times. Car emissions and gas and electricity usage all contribute to this.
Give 40p for each car journey and 20p for each journey on public transport you make.

Tuesday 31
If we don’t act fast, climate change could cause a global temperature rise of up to 4.5°C.
Count the number of radiators you have in your home. Give 30p for each one.

Wednesday 1
Today, thousands of people all over the world will go without food as part of the Fast for the Climate movement.
Join in and find out more at

Thursday 2
Maundy Thursday
Galgalo has to find water for his cattle, but it is getting harder because the rains are more erratic.
Give £1 if you have checked the weather forecast today.

Friday 3
Good Friday
Our partners are teaching alternative farming techniques to help farmers cope with changing climate conditions.
Praise God for innovative techniques that allow people to adapt to changing weather patterns.

Weekend 4 & 5
Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday
When Elema was growing up she remembers that the cattle were fat, the children always had milk to drink and it rained regularly so it was good for the area. But now this isn’t the case. ‘We are facing poverty, we are facing hunger because of the ever-changing climate in this area,’ she says.
Pray that more people understand the effects of climate change and demand a stop to it.