A good year for films, somehow I saw more films that usual whilst Beth saw fewer. So to the lists…

Beth’s List
Due to the arrival of a tiny human, I only saw 12 and half films this year, plus one more without sound. There were at least 15 more films I would have liked to see (indeed, one night I set out for the cinema and sat down in the theatre but was called home to the tiny human as the trailers began), so I’m certain that some of the unseen films would quickly have bumped off several of my lower-ranked films.

10. Hail Caesar: a few funny bits, but this definitey would not be on my top ten list if I had seen even one more film this year… Moana, Bridget Jones, Rogue One Star Trek, or any number of other ones would easily beat this!

9. Zootropolis: fun and cute, with clever sequences such as the DMV being manned by sloths.

8. Spotlight: I initially didn’t want to see this as I thought it would make me feel sad, but actually it was suspenseful and had a happy endning in that justice was served and the truth exposed.

7. Our Kind of Traitor: kept me tense, interested and in suspense the whole way through (though I preferred The Night Manager).

6. Money Monster: good performances from George Clooney and Julia Roberts in a suspenseful, thought-provoking story.

5. The BFG: a gorgeous adaptation of a fun and funny book (Queen Elizabeth enjoying “whizpoppers”…)

4. The Jungle Book: Nostalgia for the Disney original edged this into 4th place. Amazing CGI and creative echoes of the book and previous film.

3. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: an exciting and fun expansion to the Harry Potter Universe.

2. Finding Dory: a five-year old pointed out to me that this story has no bad guy. It’s a journey story about a collection of disabled characters working together and encouraging each other on.

1. Hunt for the Wilderpeople: a whimsical and suspenseful story of a unique family. It frequently made me laugh with surprise.


Jonathan’s list
10. The Jungle Book
9. Spotlight
8. The Nice Guys
7. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
6. Big Short
5. Finding Dory
4. Doctor Strange
3. Room
2. Star Wars: Rogue One
A strong addition to the Star Wars saga, I wasn’t expecting much, however, this blew me away with a well told (if occasionally too self-referential) story. I preferred it to Force Awakens.

1. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
This film was wonderful, very funny and brilliant characters, set in a country that I love.

So 2016 saw our first unanimous vote for favourite film in the eight years that we have compiled this list. Hunt for the Wilderpeople really was fantastic and worked for both of our senses of humour. Ricky Baker is Gangsta.

Previous winners:


2015 – Trash
2014 – Interstellar
2013 – The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
2012 – Trade of Innocents
2011 – King’s Speech
2010 – Toy Story 3
2009 – Beth was indecisive and picked 5 films
2008 – Juno


2015 – Inside Out
2014 – Guardians of the Galaxy
2013 – Gravity
2012 – Django Unchained
2011 – Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
2010 – Inception
2009 – The Wrestler
2008 – The Dark Knight
2007 – The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Hunt for the Wilderpeople image from Sundance.