A good year for films, somehow I saw more films that usual whilst Beth saw fewer. So to the lists…

Beth’s List
Beth completed a full list, however, I (Jonathan) took so long compiling this list that we lost it… So here is her number 1:

1. Beauty and the Beast
I have a certain fondness for the original, so I really really liked this one. It was also special to me as one of the first night’s out with friends after having Joshua. It also became Joshua’s first trip to the cinema.


Jonathan’s list

10. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
9. The Big Sick
8. It
7. Hidden Figures
6. A Monster Calls
5. Get Out
4. Thor: Ragnorak
3. Dunkirk
2. Logan

1. Baby Driver

A perfect musical, where the choreography happens to involve car chases and bank robberies. The story is strong, and builds tension well. Obviously Spacey’s name is now mud, however, as usual he puts in a great turn as the kingpin. Ansel Elgort does a great job in the lead role as Baby.

Previous winners:


2016 – Hunt for the Wilderpeople
2015 – Trash
2014 – Interstellar
2013 – The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
2012 – Trade of Innocents
2011 – King’s Speech
2010 – Toy Story 3
2009 – Beth was indecisive and picked 5 films
2008 – Juno


2016 – Hunt for the Wilderpeople
2015 – Inside Out
2014 – Guardians of the Galaxy
2013 – Gravity
2012 – Django Unchained
2011 – Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
2010 – Inception
2009 – The Wrestler
2008 – The Dark Knight
2007 – The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Image of Baby Driver courtesy of Sony Pictures.