Remove CMS Reports from Silverstripe

I use Silverstripe a lot for quickly creating client friendly projects. Silverstripe has a Reports module that allows you to easily compile and display data to admin/CMS users.

The CMS module that controls pages created on the site provides a number of reports for things like broken links. I did not need these reports on a recent project so looked for ways to remove them.

I found a static method in SS_Reports.php that allows just this functionality:


add_excluded_reports supports either an array of report classnames or a single string entry as input.

To remove all of the CMS reports you can add this to your _config.php file:


5 minute builds: most in demand programming languages

This morning, I wondered what the most in demand programming languages were. I decided that Stack Overflow jobs would be a professional website that would likely give a representative answer for jobs that someone might actually want and that actually exist (as opposed to recruiters making them up).

This is useful information for when it comes to upgrading our skills and seeing what approaches other people are taking for solving programming problems.

I therefore created in 5 minutes a script to allow me to grab the RSS feed for Stack Overflow jobs within 50 miles of Horsham. When you perform a search on SO, it gives you the option at the bottom to get an rss of the results.

My search:

The results:

Using CURL I grabbed the RSS feed, I then just had to loop through the individual job posts and created an array of categories and counts.

298 different categories were found on 287 jobs, here are the top 20 categories:

  1. javascript: 82
  2. java: 55
  3. c#: 47
  4. python: 40
  5. html: 32
  6. css: 32
  7. angularjs: 29
  8. sql: 26
  9. c++: 26
  10. linux: 25
  11. agile: 25
  12. php: 24
  13. node.js: 23
  14. .net: 23
  15. tdd: 23
  16. ruby: 22
  17. amazon-web-services: 18
  18. html5: 17
  19. ios: 16
  20. sysadmin: 15

Annoyingly, it took 5x longer to post this on here than to write the code…