Ice Soccer

Snow and I have not been getting on that well recently. Sure it is pretty while it falls but then it just sits around and stops me going places.

It did have one fortunate consequence though. Two weeks ago it meant that Ethan and I could invent the soon to be worldwide sensation of ice soccer.

Two players take to a quarter acre pitch and draw out a 40sq ft goal in the snow. It doesn't matter the exact dimensions as long as the area is approximately 40 sq feet. As such my goals tend to be long but narrow and Ethan's tend to be more square.

A five yard line is then drawn ahead of the goal all the way across the pitch. This is where you kick from if a goal is scored or the ball goes behind your goal.

The aim of the game is to get the ball to touch any portion of your opponents goal. It can land in and bounce out, glance a corner, whatever. If it touches the ground inside the goal area it is in.

You are permitted two touches of the ball. The first is your save of the previous players shot and the second is taken from where the ball ends up and is your shot.

Premier League team rankings

A couple of years ago I ranked the then premier league teams in terms of my preference towards them. I thought I would drag up the past and revise that list for the current teams – possibly making it an annual fixture (lucky you).

1. Fulham (=)
2. Arsenal (=)
3. Blackpool (NE)
4. Tottenham (up 3)
5. Liverpool (down 2)
6. Aston Villa (=)
7. Manchester United (up 6)
8. Everton (up 10)
9. West Ham (down 1)
10. Birmingham (NE)
11. Wolverhampton (NE)
12. Stoke (down 3)
13. Sunderland (NE)
14. Bolton (up 3)
15. Wigan (down 4)
16. West Brom (down 4)
17. Blackburn (down 7)
18. Chelsea (down 4)
19. Manchester City (=)
20. Newcastle (=)

So essentially I still like Fulham and Arsenal. I also still hate Man City and Newcastle. How about you?

F1 driver rankings – three to go

2010 rankings (after 16 races):

1. Robert Kubica +3
2. Fernando Alonso +4
3. Sebastien Vettel -2
4. Mark Webber /
5. Lewis Hamilton -3
6. Kamui Kobayashi +2
7. Nico Rosberg /
8. Jenson Button +2
9. Felipe Massa -4
10. Rubens Barrichello +1
11. Nico Hulkenberg +1
12. Adrian Sutil -3
13. Jaime Alguersuari +4
14. Vitaly Petrov /
15. Jarno Trulli +1
16. Heikki Kovaleinen -3
17. Timo Glock -2
18. Christian Klien (NE)
19. Sebastien Buemi -1
20. Nick Heidfeld (NE)
21. Michael Schumacher +2
22. Bruno Senna -2
23. Pedro De La Rosa -4
24. Karun Chandhok -3
25. Tonio Liuzzi -1
26. Lucas Di Grassi -4
27. Sakon Yamamoto -2 (by virtue of still being rubbish and there being more drivers)

Biggest change has been Alonso getting on my nerves less as the season has gone on. Vettel meanwhile has driven petulantly and Kubica and Kobayashi are rewarded for great driving. Hamilton loses out for three bad races in a row.

Sporting achievements 2009

I asked my resident king of sports knowledge (I say king meaning he knows more than me) Trefor Little (aka my dad) to write down the top 5 sporting achievements of 2009. In no particular order then:

  • England winning the ashes
  • Andy Murray reaching Number 2 in the world rankings
  • Jenson Button winning the world championship
  • Usain Bolt breaking the 100m and 200m world records again
  • Manny Pacquiao becoming the first man to win seven different titles at seven different weights

Come back on the 4th for his list of the top 5 achievements of the decade. What do you think?

Rating Premier League Teams

So, for the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about how much I like each of the teams in the Premier League. So here is the initial list, I may update it in future as teams move around.

1. Fulham FC
2. Arsenal
3. Liverpool
4. Portsmouth
5. Hull City
6. Aston Villa
7. Tottenham Hotspur
8. West Ham United
9. Stoke City
10. Blackburn
11. Wigan Athletic
12. West Bromwich Albion
13. Manchester United
14. Chelsea
15. Sunderland
16. Middlesborough
17. Bolton Wanderers
18. Everton
19. Manchester City
20. Newcastle United

I must admit it was difficult to decide the middle teams as I am quite indifferent about some of them. Anyway… discuss.

Euro 2008

So with Euro 2008 drawing to a close with the two upcoming semi-finals Germany vs Turkey and Spain vs Russia I can honestly say it hasn’t been the same for me without England in it. For me that would be like watching Championship football, there are no teams I care about so why bother?

I guess that demonstrates a general lack of love for the beautiful game on my part but I watched most of the games of the last world cup and was enthralled but I have had no interest in this tournament whatsoever, I guess not having a tv licence and not buying the newspaper made me miss the excitement of the tournament leaving me sitting at my computer just going two days later… oh they played?

For me I need England in the tournament just to get the level of fever pitch and excitement outside of my bedroom to the point where I cannot ignore it and am forced to watch the games. Harping back to the last World Cup again and it was a brilliant tournament namely the Germany vs Italy semi final its a shame this time they just have Turkey to defeat *yawn*. If I am honest though these tournaments hold excitement because outside teams stand a chance last year who would have predicted Russia or Turkey would reach the semi-finals? Who could have predicted Greece would win four years ago? Its the usual giant killing atmosphere but unfortunately this time its past me by. Luckily I will be in a house with a TV licence for the semi-finals so I may get my interest up just in time for the final but for me so far its a lost cause. Bring on the first Fulham game of the season…