Great weekend

Last weekend was pretty special, with lots of fun things and two additions to the family.

As the penultimate Grand Prix of 2012 was in Texas I was able to watch both morning practice and qualifying on Saturday morning while talking to my parents who are in New Zealand. Then after lunch Beth and I drove north-west to Dinosaur Ridge which is located in the foot hills outside Denver.

In the 1900’s they found a lot of dinosaur tracks and bones in them thar hills. The walk was pretty good, it started with a pretty dull steep elevation increase but eventually led to dirt tracks that went along the top of the hill. These were great but made a little worse by the number of cyclists using the narrow trail and dog walkers. From the top we had a great view of Denver, and of Bandimere Speedway, a drag strip a mile away. More enticingly I could make out their kart track and was able to work out the layout.

Dinosaur Ridge

On the way back down the ridge it was decided that we would go down to the track, see what their prices were and then see if there were spaces. So once we made it back down the boring long road (obviously now downhill) we drove the short distance to the track and found out that they had one more session for the day and it had spaces. Due to the falling temperatures Beth decided she would not partake but gave me the all clear. (it was $35 for 10 laps which is rather pricey at £2.10 a lap compared to the max of £1.50 a lap we pay in the UK).

I suited up with everyone else for a ten lap session. I got chatting with a guy named Sam who had also been karting before. They let people leave the pits in pairs about five seconds apart and I was in the fourth group. By the end of the third lap I had overtaken everyone else but it turned out that Sam was around my pace, as although I had passed him he was on my tail. The two of us were clearly faster than everyone else. The karts were single engined so were slower than I was used to and so there were only two spots where I even had to slow around the kilometer long circuit.

Bandimere Speedway

We pushed on getting quicker and quicker, eventually I caught some backmarkers at a bad spot and Sam was able to sneak past me. I followed him home over the remaining two laps. Afterwards we chatted, he was able to take one of the corners I slowed for flat and I managed to take a tight chicane that he slowed for flat. His line would give a bigger advantage as it led to a long straight so I assumed that I probably lost on the fastest lap count. We eventually received our times (11 drivers):

Jonathan – 58.072
Sam – 58.080
Third – 61.029
Fourth – 63.199
Last – 84.691

I beat him by eight thousandths of a second, I guess we were fairly equally matched. We resolved to meet up and go again sometime and swapped numbers, hopefully that will happen. Couple of other comments, it’s a fast and exciting track, I got black flagged on my third lap according to the timesheet, I never saw a black flag and have no idea what I supposedly did, must be a phantom call? Beth also said the guys owning the track came out and commented on how fast the two of us were going.

Karting at Bandimere

Beth and I headed home via the biggest liquor store I’ve ever seen and soon after getting home we went out again and bought two adorable dwarf hamsters for $7 each. We named them Mika Hakkinen and Kamui Kobayashi (names Beth’s idea). We played with them in the evening.

Dwarf Hamsters

On Sunday I went to church with Beth and then watched the first five laps of the Grand Prix before meeting Ethan and heading to the Broncos vs Chargers game. As a Philip Rivers hater and Broncos lover it was a great game for three quarters. Unfortunately we eventually gave him two touchdowns in the fourth to make him look less crap but it was enjoyable and yet another home win. We headed back to the Blomberg’s via Papa Murphy’s, a pizza place where they make it and you cook it (making it cheaper than ordering). We got a double decker five meat pizza that totaled 4800 calories, we were eager to eat it but it took thirty minutes to bake. Eventually we tried some and it was fantastic, neither of us was able to get much past a quarter each though. Sarah came over and watched the second half of the Steelers vs Raiders game with us and then Beth showed up with Leslie Ward our university friend. We all ate in the basement and watched the football.

Chargers @ Broncos

When that was over I introduced the natives to Formula One and we watched the first 24 laps of the race before Sarah and Ethan headed home. We finished it then next day and it was great to watch Lewis win. A fantastic weekend. It set up what was to be a great thanksgiving week but more on that later.

More pictures in the gallery.

Karting at Lydd

A problem encountered from not organising karting events a month in advance comes in getting people to go along. Despite booking little over a week in advance I was able to get a slot at Lydd kart circuit in the south of Kent about 50 minutes from Canterbury.

I had thought I would have seven chums along with me but on the day with the rain beating down that number dwindled to four. Those who did not attend missed out. The circuit is fantastic and you learn a lot more about control from driving in the wet than you do in the dry with the grip levels similar (but less predictable) to those you might expect at an indoor track.

The key advantage to this track though is its price. For practice time you are paying a pound a minute, much less than the £45 for 30 minutes you can expect at other outdoor circuits. It is for this reason that the circuit is likely to be picked for our August jaunt.

From the layout (picture lovingly borrowed from the circuit website) you can tell that the circuit is a good mix of straights, chicanes and sweeping corners. A good dry time is apparently around 48 seconds but as you will see we did not get near that on Saturday.

I decided not to use my camera as I figured with rain actually coming down the camera may not appreciate it but my mother braved the conditions to take photos for half the time we were out there. The best of these can be viewed in the gallery.

Our times were not fast and reflected experience more than anything I think.

  driver fastest average
1 Jonathan 72.163 78.7
2 Joe 77.209 84.67
3 Trefor 81.678 86.36
4 Tamara 97.652 106.1

And now time for a gratuitous chart


So I think my line is smoothest due to experience, Joe was going for the second time ever so his line is still a bit erratic. My Father has another smooth line due to plenty of experience and Tamara's line dips the most showing her improving confidence and speed as the session went on.


Thanks to my three fellow racers and my mother for being on photo duty, happy Mothers day.


2011 Championship – Round 2 Surbiton

We like Surbiton. We headed there in March for the first time and went back on a lovely August day. Possible rain thankfully held off just for us with precipitation within a couple of miles. Track conditions were perfect and after we had calmed Cathy’s nerves we were ready to go. We went with a semi reverse grid again and therefore lined up like this:
1. Beth Little
2. Beverley Little
3. Ceri Almrott
4. Cathy Leopold
5. Trefor Little
6. Thomas McCorkell
7. Patrick Hill
8. Jonathan Little

The rolling start went better than it did in May. This time though we had the pack split in two with Beth, Bev and Ceri pulling away in the front. When the safety kart pulled in we all passed Cathy and Thomas fell back as well. By this time Beth started to get a lead as Beverley and Ceri learned the track. Then the front positions changed quickly with Beverley heading down the pack and an incident involving a backmarker sent Ceri slowly through the pitlane to avoid the accident. This allowed Jonathan past and into second but a previous spin stopped Patrick from following through. Jonathan set off after Beth, realising he was not in the lead yet. It took a good ten more laps to catch her, she was flying in the lead for the first time. The pass came after a couple more laps following an strong run onto the straight giving more speed that Beth’s line.

Eventually Ceri got close to Jonathan’s pace and that inevitably eventually gave him second with a pass on Beth. Jonathan meanwhile set the fastest lap having eventually worked out that the whole track can be taken completely flat and was happy going off into the distance.

laps off first fastest
1 Jonathan 59 25.987
2 Ceri 58 +26 secs 26.334
3 Beth 57 +1 lap 27.55
4 Patrick 57 +2 lap 27.482
5 Trefor 55 +4 lap 28.557
6 Beverley 55 +4 lap 28.383
7 Thomas 53 +6 lap 29.339
8 Cathy 51 +8 lap 29.23

Unfortunately I don’t know much about everyone else’s races, if something exciting happened to you then let me know.

I did take a video but surbiton does not seem conducive to my filming thanks to the high speed bumpy nature of the track it keeps getting bumped down my helmet. I figure its just best not to bother giving reader sea-sickness.

Bayford Meadows Summer Cup

In June I took part in my first real race. By real I mean against people I don’t actually know. I figured it would be a decent barometer of how good I actually was.

The event was the Bayford Meadows Summer Cup. The idea behind the event being that you have a team of 2 or 3 people for a 90 minute race around their circuit. Unfortunately this did not exactly go to plan.

I saw the event advertised on their website, the circuit is based about 30 minutes drive from my house and I liked the idea of getting some friends together as a team. I went through my list of elite karters – people who have a top four finish when 10 or more people come karting with us (while not exactly elite it does show vague ability). I ended up picking Paddy and Matt Teager (my first choices as it happens) and booked our team in.

Then two weeks before the event Paddy told me he could not do the event. I started calling around the other potential drivers but none were available. This would have put the cost up for myself and Matt as we would have to cover the other person. In the end though I needn’t have worried, when I booked my much needed practice session they called to say that due to low numbers they were doing a race for individuals instead with two fifteen minute races.

While not ideal at least this meant I wouldn’t be slowing Teager down.

In the end the only time I could book my practice session was for Saturday morning on the eve of the race. We had the newly-weds Craig and Demelza down for the weekend and Craig said he would come and take photos. On arrival and seeing how awesome the track layout was he quickly changed his mind, called his wife and pulled on a race suit to join me. We were the only two on the track and it was awesome. The track started off very dirty and thus grip was limited but as the session went on it cleaned up and we gained confidence. I went from a 70 second lap on lap 3 to a 62 second lap on lap 26. I also started slower than Craig but quickly got ahead and pulled away. At the end I still had about a second on his best lap but given another five or so laps I think there would have been parity between us.

My best time : 62.373

I considered myself prepared for the race the next day. On the day Beth and I turned up an hour before the race and found Teager already there. We went for a walk around the track and discussed lines for the corners and then waited for the start. At race time there were 11 people (there might have been 8, I actually can’t remember, it was either 8, 11 or 12) so it was a good call to not have it as a team event.

i create my own Trulli train

We started with a 5 lap qualifying session in which I came 4th. We lined up on the grid and I waved to my wife. In doing so I missed the start lights and lost a second or so to those behind me. By the first corner I had lost two places and nearly lost more. I had to fight the overtaking pair hard but by the end of the opening lap I was clear. I then set about trying to catch the three ahead (with Teager out front and romping away) but I wasn’t able to and as my tyres lost grip towards the end of the race they started to pull further away.

My best lap in race 1: 61.508

We returned to the pits and got out of the karts and it almost immediately started to rain hard causing us all to retreat to the diner on site. We watched through the windows as other karters went out and greatly struggled in the conditions to even keep the things straight. I was not particularly looking forward to the race that would decide who walked off with the summer cup. Teager I think though was quietly confident.

We got back into the karts and were told that we had a few minutes to try and get a hang of the conditions. As I pulled out of the pits, the guy in front of my spun and I then went on to pass several others ahead of me who also spun. I had a couple of moments due to the absolutely non-existant grip but largely survived unscathed – unlike Teager who ended up in the grass.

something tells me this overtaking move did not come off

We then lined up on the grid and this time I paid attention to the lights… and still lost two places, I also didn’t get a chance to get them back either as I spun halfway round the lap. By the end of the lap though I found myself fighting for third again. For a handle on how much more difficult the track was in the wet. My best time went from a 61 second lap to a 110 second lap. As we rounded the first corner I had the run on third place and passed him but in doing so I completely missed the braking spot for turn 2 and went off into the grass where I found myself beached. The stoppage moved me to last again and cost me almost a minute. My podium chances were gone by the time the safety kart nudged me out. Having passed a few people over the next two laps I found myself beached again (according to Beth I was the only person to manage this even once). This time it only cost me twenty seconds. The final few laps I was able to keep cleaner and I was catching most people. On the penultimate lap Matt lapped me and I began following his line which I found to be much quicker. I fought my way back up several positions and finished the race in 6th.

Matt of course won, which didn’t make me feel so bad. He got quite a nice trophy from it to add to his collection as well. I now also know the keys to my future success – starts, weight and wet driving. Overall I was happy with how I did especially in the dry, I also knew that I had a potential podium available to me if I had pushed slightly less.

Here is the video from the races, it is actually pretty good for a change:
[jwplayer config=”myplayer” file=””]

I will be writing about our trip back to Surbiton at the beginning of August next week.

More pictures can be found here

Karting Rankings

As I mentioned in my previous post I decided it might be fun to do some karting rankings based on those who have ever come to one of my events. It is not likely to be entirely accurate but can be used for a vague comparison/argument… In some places where ability is close I will put side by side. Number in brackets is times seen.

So anyway here is the top 15:

Matt Teager (2)
Jonathan Little (10) / Craig King (4)
Helen Little (6) / Felicity Kensett (4)
Patrick Hill (6) / Steve Franklin (2)
Trefor Little (6)
Ceri Almrott (2)
Seok Jun Park (1)
David Witt (1)
Catherine Leopold (3)
Beth Little (7)
Thomas McCorkell (4)
Beverley Little (5)

We have seen in every case that people are a lot more competitive in their second events so a lot of those at the bottom could likely gain some places by coming again. The more you give it a go the better you get.

What do you think of the rankings? agree? disagree? Think you should be higher? Want to take part in future? let me know.

Stag party

So Craig had his stag party a weekend or so ago. It was good fun with karting and a good time spent in Brighton after. Unfortunately I lost at Karting… Craig was a few tenths quicker than me throughout. Ceri also showed that he had improved a lot since his first attempt in December. But then he has had a fair amount of practice since. Its just good to see him near the level of the other top folks in my little league.

For a change I got some fairly good video. It is obvious to me by now that the best way to guarantee good footage is by purchasing my own helmet so I can tape the camera down. This was best shown in this event where during the race the camera decided to pop up and pretty much point at the ceiling. Still, here is my video from the event. Maybe I’ll do some karting rankings at some point like my F1 ones.

[jwplayer mediaid=”1561″]

Oh and Craig, I hope the wedding goes well and you enjoy married life as much as I do!

karting – Surbiton Raceway

Karting for Beth and I started outdoors at Easter in 2009 on a lovely rainy track near Elveden. It helped me fall in love with karting and since then I have been 8 times. After a lot of time spent at Crawley’s teamsport track I wanted to return to an outdoor track and after the teamsport London Bridge track proved too pricey I got my chance.

Surbiton Raceway is a speedy track out in South London and we had originally hoped to go at the end of February but the joys of moving house meant that I ended up running out of time. We reorganised for the 19th March so here is my race review…

A reverse grid featuring nine drivers set up the 30 minute iron man race at Surbiton Raceway in late March. The grid was based on last year’s title positions with the lowest scoring drivers last year starting first followed by the newcomers in the order they agreed to race and finally the top scorers in reverse order.

The grid was therefore as follows:
1. Sarah Penberthy
2. Beth Little
3. Kerrie Morgan
4. David Witt
5. Louise Hyde
6. Trefor Little
7. Patrick Hill
8. Helen Little
9. Jonathan Little

The drivers were led out of the pits by the pace kart for three warm up laps. The first lap was at a slow pace but then the pace kart sped up and the leaders did not follow its pace. After the pace kart laps confusion meant that little passing initially took place, the back four overtook Louise and on lap 2 David Witt passed those ahead of him for the lead. Jonathan meanwhile scythed through the field seemingly catching everyone else by surprise, by the end of the second lap he had moved from 9th to second and set about chasing down Dave. Jonathan made a move out of the fast chicane at the top of the circuit and took the lead. Jonathan coming through set the ball rolling for those behind and it was not long before the field had effectively reversed.

By the end of lap 6 Jonathan had built up a healthy lead and was catching backmarkers, Patrick Hill had worked his way up to second with Helen Little third after an early spin cost her a place to Patrick. On lap 15 Jonathan caught his father and slowed to pick his moment, he waited a bit too long, after two laps he checked behind himself and saw Patrick right behind him, Jonathan scared himself and hit a hole at the side of the track which got him sideways at almost top speed, he managed to catch the car but it was nearly a big shunt. He was certainly rattled but got back onto the back of Trefor by the end of the lap. The next lap into the chicane at the end of the lap Jonathan was right behind his Father but tapped the accelerator while braking causing the car to lose traction and the back to come out, this caught Patrick out and he couldn’t avoid tapping Jonathan. This sent Jonathan a bit further out but he managed to again catch the kart. Patrick though took the lead and quickly passed Trefor to lap him.

Paddy led for a number of laps near the start of the race

Jonathan quickly got past his Father then set after Patrick. Three laps later after a run down the inside on the long straight he was past. Patrick kept it quite close behind Jonathan until they caught Helen Little to lap her many laps later, Jonathan got through after a couple of laps, Patrick didn’t. In fact he never managed to pass Helen and Jonathan pulled away. In the closing stages David Witt caught Louise to pass her, Louise spun off and Dave had nowhere to go with Louise spinning at high speed in front of him he went hard on the brakes and spun off but avoided major contact with Louise and lost a position to Beth Little. Patrick also struggled at this stage of the race with a spin while still chasing Helen. Five laps from the end Jonathan caught his wife and was not about to find a way past. By the end Helen Little was right behind him but having been lapped she was not a worry. It just showed that come the end of the race had he not spun Patrick would have been very close to the lead.

Paddy’s chance of a win was scuppered when Jonathan lapped Helen and he did not

The finishing positions were as follows (driver – laps – best lap – change):
1. Jonathan Little – 57 – 27.091 – up 8
2. Patrick Hill – 57 (+8.76 secs) – 28.151 – up 5
3. Helen Little – 56 – 28.772 – up 5
4. Trefor Little – 55 – 30.062 – up 2
5. Beth Little – 54 – 29.070 – down 3
6. David Witt – 54 – 28.998 – down 2
7. Kerrie Morgan – 53 – 30.711 – down 4
8. Sarah Penberthy – 53 – 30.471 – down 7
9. Louise Hyde – 51 – 30.227 – down 4

There were championship points associated with the event so this year’s championship is as follows after 1 round:
1. Jonathan Little – 15
2. Patrick Hill – 12
3. Helen Little – 10
4. Trefor Little – 8
5. Beth Little – 6
6. David Witt – 5
7. Kerrie Morgan – 4
8. Sarah Penberthy – 3
9. Louise Hyde – 2

Here is my video add-on:
[jwplayer mediaid=”1535″]
This time I got it lined up correctly but managed to film for half an hour before starting and then either screwed up the saving at the end of the film (thus losing all but this lap) or ran out of space (also my fault)… its progress I guess.

Finally a big thank you to David Ting who happily came along and took photos for us!


Back when I started watching Formula One in 1998 there was a rule that if a driver qualified outside of 107% of the pole driver’s time they would not be able to race. That rule happily disappeared over the years due to the competitiveness of the cars taking part.

After last year’s new team’s struggles though the FIA has brought the rule back in again. This made me wonder how such a rule would have affected our karting over the last couple of years. So faced with intermittent internet connection (thanks BT/netgear or whoever is to blame) I decided to find out how many people would have failed to qualify in our three karting races.

When you look at an F1 qualifying session it seems like 107% is actually quite a large margin for error. A laptime typically takes at least 90 seconds to complete. To qualify outside of 107% on a lap lasting 90 seconds a driver would need to do his lap in 96.3 or more seconds. Even at their worst last year HRT were ahead of this figure and you would really hope that by now they would have found some of that missing performance.

Apply it to karting though and on our tracks a lap takes only a third of that time – we are generally done in about 30 seconds if not less so evidently the margin for error in the kart shrinks as well. Instead of 6.3 seconds the karter would need to come in within 2.1 seconds of the best and we have had spreads of 10 seconds in the past…

But lets look at our three race sessions (my internet still isn’t back)

Race 1 – Dec ’09
Pole sitter: Matt Teager – 28.00

This means that to qualify you would have had to have finished within 29.96 seconds which is no mean feat (but then Matt is better than us).

As such we would have had 5 people qualify with Jun and myself about 0.05 seconds from not making it.

Race 2 – Aug ’10
Pole sitter: Matt Teager – 28.7 (not sure where Matt lost the 0.7 from December – probably getting black flagged)

To qualify you would need a 30.7

How many people managed this? Three…

Race 3 – Dec ’10
Pole sitter: Jonathan Little – 29.83

To qualify you had only to get a 31.92 and you know what… That is exactly to the hundredth of a second what Thomas got in with for 8th place.

What does that go to show? Well that I’m not as good as Matt Teager, that none of us are as good as Formula One cars and that while we are using equal machinery and taking only 30 seconds to do a lap it is mighty impressive that 24 F1 cars designed by 12 different teams can be that close in terms of performance over a lap that lasts a lot longer than one of our jaunts around a kart track.

Oh and one other bit of trivia… Paddy wouldn’t have qualified once.

Karting 3: Report

The final race of the 2010 season was won by Jonathan Little thanks to a fast couple of opening laps. The final result was close and all day long there were four drivers who could have won the race and unsurprisingly they were the four up for the title.

The event was held on the track used for the event in May. This meant that the majority of the drivers were learning on the job during the first session. The grid ended up largely biased towards those who attended in May. It was Jonathan Little who came out on top by four tenths. Second to fifth were then split by just 0.5 seconds making it a little bit of a lottery as to who came out on top. Craig King who was fastest at this circuit in May managed to edge out Felicity Kensett in the session to take second. Helen Little kept Felicity honest just 0.03 behind her friend, those two have been on a similar pace and it showed again here today. They were shadowed by Steve Franklin who has certainly improved since his first run in August and looks close to joining the leading group. Beth Little followed him in 6th and Trefor Little bucked his trend of qualifying last on the grid by getting himself 7th. He was followed by Thomas McCorkell who impressed and Patrick Hill who didn’t but unlike Thomas he was learning the track. Beverley Little, Ceri Almrott and Sarah Penberthy rounded out the grid. The prize for most difficulty in qualifying went to Ceri who had trouble keeping it in the right direction at the top hairpin and ended the session in the wall by the start/finish line. The grid pretty well matched expectations based on experience and ability but with the top four in the title in the first four places it was set up well for a shootout in the race.

The grid was therefore as follows:

Qualifying best name time off first
1 Jonathan 29.83
2 Craig 30.21 +0.38
3 Flick 30.42 +0.59
4 Helen 30.45 +0.62
5 Steve 30.7 +0.87
6 Beth 30.98 +1.15
7 Trefor 31.28 +1.45
8 Tom 31.92 +2.09
9 Paddy 32.04 +2.21
10 Beverley 32.53 +2.7
11 Ceri 32.94 +3.11
12 Sarah 33.26 +3.43

It turned out that possibly the biggest moment in the title race and the race for victory came as the field left the pits. On heading up the hill to the grid Jonathan Little slowed to talk to Craig King regarding starting procedure. He slowed too much and could not make it to the top of the hill. Forcing him to lift off the throttle and roll back to the base of the hill. By the time he reached the grid he had gotten back into second. The stewards lined up Craig and Jonathan in the order they arrived, both pointed out that the grid was backwards. Eventually it was switched around but the pole position line was moved forward, practically on the apex of turn 1. This guaranteed Jonathan would make the first corner first.

As the race started the revised pole positioning further disadvantaged Craig, it put him on the outside as Felicity Kensett made a dive up the inside into the corner, he was defenceless against the pass and she went through with Helen Little following soon after. Craig the championship favourite was down to fourth and his biggest rival Jonathan was first, it could not have been a worse first lap for him from that perspective.

The tradition of contact at the start continued further down the grid as Trefor Little braked too late in a move on Beth Little. Beth was given a big shunt off the track and she fell back into last place. Trefor fearing a black flag and wanting to gift the place back also lost places from which he would never recover. From the back Sarah initially gained two places as Beth and Ceri fell behind her at the start but by lap 4 she was behind them again. While she remained in that position for the rest of the race her average lap times dropped from 35 seconds to 34 seconds by the end of the race showing that a lack of experience was behind her pace and that given time she was improving. Ceri the other rookie was having similar difficulties and never broke out of 11th. Those who have been 2-3 times now seem to have a clear advantage over newbies.

As the race settled down Jonathan was able to maintain a short lead over Flick and Helen of around two seconds which was comfortable enough. Craig meanwhile was unable to get close enough to the pair to fight for second and the championship slipped away from him. Therefore the best action on the track was between the two girls for second. On lap 10 Helen got the better of Flick out of a yellow flag period and took the place away from her. The lapped traffic was starting to build up and the positions of the top four were going to come down to who got through the lapped karts the quickest.

At the front Jonathan was struggling, wanting to win cleanly he was taking too long to get past the lapped karts. Helen and Flick seemed to be scything their ways through behind and it was in this manner that on lap 18 Flick got back past Helen for second. It was around this point in the race that Jonathan caught his wife. He ended up stuck behind her for three laps trying to find a way past. Eventually sensing Flick catching up to him he made a move down the hill, Beth just about gave him enough room to get alongside, they banged up against each other down the straight but Jonathan had the momentum and the inside line into the next corner eventually squeezing his way past. From there on the yellow flags built up and the last few laps were quite slow. Jonathan lapped 5th placed Steve with three to go giving him a buffer back to Flick and Helen who were unable to catch up.

It turned out not to be the most exciting race in terms of passing (except for Paddy’s do or die move to unlap himself from Helen)but it was good fun and other than a couple of incidents it was a largely clean event, it was nice that the top four were so close through the event, with Craig in 4th whoever won from the top 3 (Flick, Helen or me) would have won the title so those last few laps were a little nervy.

Race Results:

Positions driver off first best lap
1 Jonathan 28.97
2 Flick +3.5 29.79
3 Helen +5.2 29.84
4 Craig +13.9 29.43
5 Steve +1 lap 29.38
6 Paddy +1 lap 30.18
7 Trefor +1 lap 31.02
8 Tom +2 laps 30.76
9 Beverley +2 laps 31.28
10 Beth +2 laps 30.88
11 Ceri +3 laps 30.5
12 Sarah +4 laps 31.98

The final championship standings were as follows:

driver total
1 Jonathan Little 18
2 Craig King 15
3 Felicity Kensett 14
4 Helen Little 12
5 Matt Teager 10
6 Patrick Hill 8
7 Catherine Leopold 7
8 Steve Franklin 7
9 Trefor Little 6
10 Beth Little 5
11 Thomas McCorkell 4
12 Rachel Ross 2
13 Beverley Little 0
14 Ceri Almrott 0
15 Fred Maltby 0
16 Sarah Penberthy 0

Thanks guys and bring on another good year in 2011. As a little bonus (whether you like it or not) here is a 5min reel from my helmet cam, apologies for the amount of crotch and rubbish captions… The camera positioning is a work in progress
[jwplayer config=”myplayer” file=””]

The karting photos are now up: any comments please leave them… I may have gotten a little bored of doing titles though I will go back and do some in future and add tags too.

The 2011 karting championship dates will be – February, May, August

I am also bringing in something called talote elite whereby folks who have finished in the top four of one of our events with 10 or more people are invited to join a team to race against people we don’t know at top tracks in the south. I will give more information in the coming months.

Karting championship permutations

The good thing about a three race system drop score system is that unless someone wins both opening races it is guarenteed to go to the final race. This year we have four karters who can theoretically still win. Here is the table posted earlier in the week with an extra column for current points. I have also put in bold those who can actually still win.

finishing position
driver points 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 >8
Jonathan Little 16 18 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16
Craig King 10 20 18 16 15 14 13 12 11 10
Catherine Leopold 7 15 13 11 10 9 8 7 7 6
Helen Little 6 16 14 12 11 10 9 8 7 6
Felicity Kensett 6 16 14 12 11 10 9 8 6 5
Patrick Hill 5 15 13 11 10 9 8 7 6 5
Beth Little 5 14 12 10 9 8 7 6 5 4
Trefor Little 4 14 12 10 9 8 7 6 5 4

In a points tie break the championship position is decided as follows:
Points (points gained in best 2 events from results only)
Finishing positions (from best 2 events)
FL and Pole points (best 2 events)
Result of discounted event
Complete tie

Cathy although in 4th with seemingly enough points to win is out as she is a) not taking part and b) forced to drop a score so for example if she did turn up and won the race she would drop the two points she got for August (which would be her worst result) in favour of the 10 for the win.

Thus she would have 10 + 5= 15. I already have a guaranteed 16 points therefore she could not win.

Anyway… to the people who can win – there will be repetition here.
I am leading the championship by virtue of already having scored in two races. Whereever I finish I am guaranteed at least 16 points. If I win I drop 8 points and gain 10 and go to 18 points. If Craig came second we would each have 18 points (a win and a second). It would then come down to pole and fastest lap. Craig already has four added points for that. I have two. I would need to beat Craig in both of these to take it to the fourth part… which I would win.
If I come second and Craig comes third, he wins.
If Craig comes fourth or lower, I by virtue of my two second places beat him whereever I finish… BUT
If Helen or Flick win they beat me to the title.
The lowest I can finish is 3rd.

Craig is the only karter to have won a race which gives him a good footing. If he wins the race he wins the title. If he comes second and I win then it goes to the fastest lap and pole tie break (again he has the advantage here with 4pts to 2pts). If that is tied then Craig loses out due to me doing an extra event and getting points.
If Craig comes third then if Jonathan is second Craig wins unless Flick or Helen wins with pole and fastest lap in which case Craig would need to be second in one of the categories to win out, if he doesn’t then we have a complete tie for the title.
If Craig comes fourth then the best he can finish is second.
The worst he can finish is 6th (not going to happen)

Helen and Flick can only guarantee their winning if they take victory and Craig finishes lower than third. If Craig comes third then it comes down to fastest laps and poles, at this time Craig has the advantage in these stakes.
Lowest either can finish – very low

I hope this makes sense, if it doesn’t then well it doesn’t really matter anyway. I just find this stuff fun.